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About us

Paraforum is an initiative of Swiss Paraplegic Foundation led by Swiss Paraplegic Research supported by Swiss Paraplegics Association and Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, which was established in 1975, is a solidarity network for people with spinal paralysis, unrivalled in the world. The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation today operates a comprehensive and integrated network of services. This network comprises, for example, medical primary care, early rehabilitation, as well as lifelong support in all the relevant areas of life. The services entailed are delivered by a number of different organizations within the Swiss Paraplegic Group.

The vision of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation is to constantly improve care and support, and ultimately health, functioning and quality of life of people with spinal cord injury alongside the continuum of care and throughout the whole lifespan, using a collaborative network of institutions and services.

Paraforum has been developed based on this mission. Its central objectives are in line with the idea of holistic rehabilitation of Swiss Paraplegic Group in the perspective of lifelong care and support of people with spinal paralysis. By providing information and enabling the identification and solution of problems that people experience in daily living with spinal cord injury, paraforum is expected to contribute to the challenge of ensuring that patients lead a self-determined life with as much independence as possible.

In the video below Dr. Daniel Joggi, President of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, presents paraforum within the vision of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.